About La Flamme Rouge

About La Flamme Rouge

La Flamme Rouge is a charity founded by Brian Holm for the support of people affected by cancer.

I always liked the expression “La Flamme Rouge” – the final kilometer.

“When as a rider you arrive at the final kilometre and see the red flag marking the beginning of the stretch, you are always in pain.

Your body is depleted, and you really have to grit our teeth and dig deeply into our reserves of strength.

You need to look ahead, not back, and work as hard as you possibly can. This final effort determines if you win or lose.

The same goes if you want to beat cancer – with one important exception: For a cancer patient, the last kilometre is extremely long”.

This is when you need to dig into your last reserves, and at this point, a helping hand may determine the outcome.

We at LFR want to offer that helping hand.

Brian Holm

Since Brian Holm was diagnosed with intestinal cancer in 2004, he has been committed to helping other people also affected by cancer in addition to his work as Sports Director of Team OPQS.

Brian is the originator and motive power of La Flamme Rouge, which was established for the purpose of collecting funds, the more the better, for victims of cancer.

Today, Brian is also patron of the Danish charitable cancer organisation PACT and ambassador of Om-Sorg, a project under the Danish Cancer Society.

Sir Paul Smith

The British fashion designer Sir Paul Smith has been part of our project from the very beginning, and he is the designer of our bike wear. He also designed the unique La Flamme Rouge/Paul Smith/Principia bikes which were auctioned off and yielded a large sum of money for La Flamme Rouge.

Sir Paul Smith has always been a fan of cycling. As a teenager, he was a talented bike rider with hopes of a professional career, but a serious accident put an end to his cycling dream.

He is, however, still a passionate leisure cyclist, and he follows professional cycling closely.

More information on www.paulsmith.co.uk

Mark Cavendish

We are extremely proud that the fastest sprinter in the world, former UCI Road Race World Champion and professional rider for Team OPQS, Mark Cavendish has accepted the title of ambassador ofLa Flamme Rouge.

Mark Cavendish took part in the 2012 La Flamme Rouge bicycle race on Jaegersborg All and thereby created a lot of attention to the project

More information on www.markcavendish.co.uk

Paw Henriksen

Well know danish actor, avid cyclist and now ambassador for La Flamme Rouge.

We are very that Paw has chosen to support the good cause and look forward to seeing him on the road wearing the LFR jersey.

Cecilie Hother

TV host and “Cyclist of the year” in 2011 is also an ambassador for La Flamme Rouge.

Cecilie is a dedicated cyclist and in the summer of 2011, she participated in a charity ride from Copenhagen to Paris as part of the charity cycling team “Team Rynkeby”